This is a Story All About How…


Typically I will be writing on this blog, but every once in a while my husband, Daniel, will join me. Since this blog post is really about both of us, and our recent ‘health’ journey, I thought it would be a good time for him to join in. I’m the pink voice, and Daniel is the blue voice.


So you want me to go first? OK. Cool. Yeah, so about a decade ago I realized that I struggle with hypoglycemia. Basically, if I don’t get food, especially sugar, in me on a regular basis then I fall apart. My ability to reason goes out the window, I get cranky and volatile, and as I consume food I can literally feel my brain begin to function better. It’s not all mental though. There are times when my body just won’t function the way that it’s supposed to due to a lack of sugar. This is especially true after physical activity. I found out it was something I struggled with when I had finished playing a show with my band, but hadn’t eaten anything for dinner. After playing the show I was feeling light headed. Walking to the van I get hit by vertigo and just fell down, and almost went into a seizure. That was pretty scary. The Doctor told me that I had hypoglycemia. I’ve been trying to manage it ever since.


For me, I have felt generally healthy, more tired than I would like to be. But I always just figured that’s part of being a mom now.  I must accept the role of a zombie until my kids are older. Or drink lots of coffee, so mostly I have opted for drinking lots of coffee! But when I was pregnant, oh man, I felt so terrible (and I have spent a few years being pregnant at this juncture in life).
For one, I can’t drink coffee all day long when I’m pregnant, so there goes that energy, plus I’m just extra tried because I’m pregnant. On top of that I would get so sick. I would get sicker with every pregnancy. Everyone kept saying, “Wow, you have gotten so much more sick this time! It must be a girl!” Nope! Every time it was a boy, and by the time I was sick for the first 20 weeks with my fourth boy, I knew that I was just getting progressively sicker with each baby. I felt like such a terrible mom, most of the time, I was crashed on the couch or by shear force of will doing activities with the kids and trying to get food on the table. Seriously I don’t think I cleaned the bathroom for months…


It was a little gross. But we still love her. And, hey, I wasn’t about to clean it…


After I had Silas, we didn’t feel like we were done having children. But to be honest, I didn’t know how I was going to keep up with my busy schedule here in Fergus and go through another pregnancy.


Another thing that I was struggling with, and really what began to put us on this road, was eczema. I’ve had sensitive skin since I was younger, but there was a time when I was working a pretty rough, dirty job and finances were tight, and the dirt mixed with the stress caused me to develop a case of eczema. The dermatologist told me that since I had developed it after the age of twenty it was most likely something I would be dealing with the rest of my life. Yay me. I’ve tried many different creams and solutions, but it all seemed to be treating the symptoms and not the cause. Nothing really seemed to help long term and it was pretty depressing. I would wake up with cuts down my chest and neck from scratching myself in my sleep. Taking showers was horrible because my skin would freak out when it got wet. But hey, it was life. Didn’t know how else to deal with it, since nothing we tried worked, so I figured I would just be settling in to this being life as I knew it.


Also he is no longer in his twenty’s and rocking out in a band all the time and as a result, the 6 pack he once rocked is now a thing of the past. So extra weight has been a frustration as well.


She’s not wrong.


So, this past spring I had been watching Daniel’s Aunt post about getting your body, and gut, healthy and balanced. She has been very conscious of eating the right things for all the time I have known her, but for years we had been praying for her because she was struggling with health problems. Some of these had been things she had dealt with all her life and others that had sprung up later on. A friend let her know about Plexus and she started it. She felt like a new person. Because she felt so good, she started sharing about it.


I wasn’t sure about it, I had kinda given up, but Karen decided to look into it a bit deeper.


The more I looked into Plexus; I saw that it could potentially be really good, for Daniel in particular. Eventually I decided that he just had to try it, and after some convincing, he got on board. His skin had flared up and was driving him nuts again, and he was up for trying something that would get to the root of the problem, and help him get to the pants size he wanted to be at.


Pants size…obviously the more important of the two. Haha.


So he started it, and about a week later, we both noticed he had way more energy. I remember he had been playing in a basketball tournament on a Friday night. After he was done playing, and we were driving home, he was really hungry. A week before this we would have just swung through McDonalds because he would have been fast approaching the point of being unable to function. But he didn’t feel like having the fast food and he was still feeling ok. So we swung by the grocery store picked up some ground beef, went home and he cooked us up some great burgers while I put the boys to bed. That’s when I realized something was working!


So there ya have it, Plexus will help you cook dinner. Sign up all the men!


About two months later his skin started clearing up a lot. And the itchiness was gone. Also (sorry if this is TMI), but his IBS issues have cleared up.


I would have to make a trip to the bathroom after every evening meal. This was a great excuse for me to take some time and check twitter while I hid from the kids. Plexus has robbed me of this excuse. I hold it solely responsible for allowing me to poop normally again.


Another month or so after that he was down a pants size, and at this point he is about down two pants sizes. Also his low blood sugar issues are gone. He still has flare ups with his skin every once in a while, though those seem to be stress induced. But even with the flare ups its so much better overall. It’s pretty incredible.


I know I’m pretty thankful.


As for me, I started taking a few of the supplements a few months after he did. I noticed that my sugar cravings were much less (I love sugar, I knew I was addicted to if for a long time and just didn’t care.) It was really nice to feel like I didn’t need it throughout the day. I could just have it when I wanted to. I was also starting to have a bit more energy. Then I found out we were expecting our 5th baby, I was excited and was feeling good. I hoped that this would keep me feeling good and the “morning sickness (all day sickness)” away. To be honest I just kept waiting for the hammer to fall. For the unbelievable exhaustion, and the morning sickness to hit. Week after week went by though and I still felt good. A little more tired but good, I was enjoying my summer! By week 12 of pregnancy I knew, and was finally able to admit to myself “This is completely awesome, I still feel great, I should be so sick right now. I am enjoying my pregnancy!! What?!?” I am so very thankful, the Lord brought this into my life when He did!! I am now 23 weeks pregnant, and everything with this baby boy is looking great. I have been able to keep up with this crazy schedule here and my kids.


All these health things have been such a big struggle for us, so we really wanted to open up and let people know, in case they are looking for something to help them. Deciding to give Plexus a shot has really made a huge impact on our lives for the better.


So now I want to share Plexus with other’s, and would love to hear from you.

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