Pick More Daisies



I’m really excited to announce my new site! After dipping my toe in the blogging world a bit. I have realized, that I wanted my site to be a bit more legit. An easier site to navigate and follow, for those of you who come to visit. Also an easier site for me to customize and make how I would like it to be. Little known fact about my husband and I, my husband is the techie of our family. I have been trying to get up to speed lately! But I’m a bit technologically challenged. This has been a growing experience, and a good one. But a growing experience none the less. I have gotten frustrated and laughed at myself a lot through all this!

My blog’s name is ‘Pick More Daisies’. I chose that name, thinking about the importance of slowing down, and taking time for things. Taking time for the Lord, His word, and praising Him for the big and little things. Taking time for the people in your life, and slowing down to enjoy life’s beauty.

I often have to remind myself of all of these things. As life can get chaotic and let’s be real, I get distracted with a lot of things. And those distractions, take away time too.

So I hope to slow myself down here. Be myself, encourage my readers in the Lord. And also be a place to let you all know, what I’m excited about, what I’m loving, and a little about what is happening in our lives through adding baby’s, ministry and the inevitable life changes that are coming when Daniel finish’s seminary.

I went with karenstenberg.com. As the web address, so that it would be easy to find. And keeps things more open, as this blog may evolve a bit as time goes.

So thank you for stopping by, and checking my site out! It’s been a challenge and a joy to start this little adventure of mine!

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